Press Release – Religious Conversions- How to Combat the Virus?

Centre for South Indian Studies (CSIS) and Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF) jointly
organized the Book Release (Telugu version of Goa Inquisitions and) Function yesterday at
Bhagya Nagar in association with Samvid Prakashan and Chetana Sravanthy Organizations
affiliated to Sangh.

Speakers at the Book Release Program in one voice expressed serious concern about the
devious and dubious methods involved in Religious Conversions (Hindus converted to either
Christianity or Islam) standing a considerable threat to the National Security and Hindu
Ethos and felt that the virus must be virulently checked the spread of conversion virus
immediately. Knowledgeable Information campaigns through Social Media Platforms is one
such way to prevent the design and execution of conversions, they suggested.
Chief Guest, Sri LV. Subramanyam, IAS and former Chief Secretary of AP Govt. inaugurated
the website of Legal Rights Protection Forum. Sri L. Shyam Kumar of Dharma Jagaran
Samanvay Organization- an affiliate of RSS and Smt. Nadimpally Parimala, Director, Samvit
Prakashan released these two listed books. Mr. K. Vasu Dev and Mr. A. Santosh were
felicitated on this occasion (LRPF).

Sri L. Shyam Kumar, chief speaker noted that the Christian Converts in AP haven’t even
read the Bible not even once, yet came under the tight grip of Missionaries and Pastors. He
pointed out, 8000 Population of a Village in AP State has surprisingly 130 Churches shows
the diabolic activity of conversions. Churches have come up in such villages where we don’t
find a single Christian, he lamented. He appealed that such nefarious activity could be
brought to the notice of Public at large through Social Media and if need be a complaint
could be lodged through expanded network of variety of Media Platforms or Apps.



In the beginning of new millennium, Pope had declared publicly that it is their intention and
agenda to convert the Population of Bharat to Christianity. There are about 2000
Missionaries and 48 Lakh Christian Volunteers who spread across Bharat working overtime
to make the Mission Impossible to Possible through different tactics, he said. Therefore, it is
the time to realize the danger of conversions especially in South India and act collectively to
combat it in order to protect the Integrity of Bharat, he opined.
While speaking at the function, Sri LV. Subramanyam felt that the concept of Secularism is
the root cause of alienating our people and children from the traditions and cultural ethos of
Bharat and thus gave in to easy trap of Christian Conversions. Secularism is a mental
disorder and sadly continuing to shape our mindset and it took 60+ years after
independence to understand the disease, he anguished.



A predominantly Muslim Country
like Indonesia erected the statue of Lord Sri Krishna on the occasion of 25 years of its
independence because of it didn’t deviate from its ancient past and ethos, in the same way,
we should demand, it is time to unveil the statue of Lord Sri Krishna in our Parliament, he
said. Appropriate Legal and other Measures to counter the Conversions is the only recourse
we should use, he told.

RSS Kshetra Pramukh, Nadampally Ayush explained that Nationalistic Perspective and
fervor of History is the answer to ongoing conversions. In the absence of informed streams
of knowledge of our History, we are not able to appreciate our time tested traditions, values

and beliefs and hence, this fallout. CSIS is established keeping in mind the ongoing
deficiencies of our defense and understanding, has a plan to recruit more sources (Research
Scholars, Urdu, Persian and Arabic Language Experts) for CSIS in the coming months for
disseminating proper knowledge.



He congratulated the team of Legal Rights Protection
Forum and CSIS for their outreach and activities till date.
Sri Chakradhar ji of Chethana Sravanthi proposed vote of Thanks.

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