Samvit Prakashan is an independent Bharatiya publication firm formed to unravel, nurture and publish content of forgotten histories of Bharat, interpret various texts in a correct manner setting the right discourse, undertake contemporary socio-cultural-economic studies and research on relevant topics, and also publish translations of valuable content available in other languages which connect the nation. Samvit Prakashan publishes in multiple languages and aims to generate independent well-researched content to address gaps in history-writing, bring out wide-ranging editions on important subjects, and disseminate the content among people across the globe, especially the younger generations. Established in 2020, Samvit Prakashan has in a short period of time, marked its footprint and a reputation as an important contributor to the growing body of knowledge on Bharat.

Samvit Prakashan invites scholars of eminence, academicians, researchers and enthusiasts to contribute to knowledge generation, to contribute through book reviews, and to engage in informed debates, which would help in shaping the public discourse. Samvit Prakashan also welcomes contributions from book-lovers, donors and sponsors which would enable it to publish high-quality content of enduring interest.

Centre for South Indian Studies and Samvit Kendra are our research partners