Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad

Author: Dr. Rahul Shastri           


 It is an irony that while the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka constructed memorials for the heroes of Hyderabad Liberation Struggle, the state of Telangana, esp the city of Hyderabad does not have a befitting memorial for those heroes.

We, at Samvit Kendra were contemplating bringing out a book on the heroes of the Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad. We then realised that Acharya Khanderao Kulakarni had done extensive work in this area. We discovered his Hindi book “ Hyderabad ka Mukti Sangram” and were amazed at the amount of detail that he covered in it. We immediately decided that this book must be translated into English for the benefit of the current and future generations.

 The original book was published by Bharatiya Vichaar Sadhana, Pune about four decades back. When we approached them for the permission to translate the book into English, they graciously accepted without any copyright fees. We thank them for their kind gesture.

We began the translation having a target date of Sept 17th 2016, for the launch of the book, which meant we had less than a month for completing the task of translation.

Many team members contributed to the ensure that this book comes out in time.

Dr.Rahul Shastri, President, Samvit Kendra,  took up this task as a “Deeksha” and we are thankful to his family for having supported us in this endeavour. Smt.Sarojini, Sri Vidyadhar helped in the task of translation and also in proof reading. Sri Ramesh G helped in designing the cover.

We thank everyone who was involved in bringing out this special book.

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