‘Mahethihasam’ and ‘Charvakam’ – Samvit Prakashan’s Book Launch Event in Bhagyanagar

Samvit Prakashan organized the books launch event of two important books published by it – Mahethihasam written by Sri Khandavalli Satyadev Prasad and Charvakam – Naati Nunchi Netiki, by Sri Arindama, on the evening of 2nd December 2023, at Sai Nagar colony, Nagole, Hyderabad.

‘Hindu Jana Rakshakudu – Shivaji’: Book Launch in Bhagyanagar

The book in English ‘Savior of Hindu India’ by Sri Gajanan Bhaskar Mahendale is translated into Telugu by Sri Kesavanath as ‘Hindu Jana Rakshakudu Sivaji’.  The book launch event was organized on the evening of 18th November 2023, at Hotel Suprabhat, Habsiguda in Secunderabad by the publisher Samvit Prakashan. The…

Gangalo Vishanagulu, Book Launch

The abridged Telugu translation of ‘Snakes in the Ganga (Breaking India 2.0), by renowned author and intellectual Dr Rajiv Malhotra and Dr Vijaya Viswanathan, titled ‘Gangalo Vishanagulu’, translated by Dr B. Sarangapani and Sri Mylavarapu Sudhamohan was launched by Think Guntur in Samithi Hall at Guntur on the morning of 15th October 2023. Dr K. Aravinda Rao, retd DGP, Govt of Andhra Pradesh was the chief guest.

Book Review on `Constitutional India’s Conflict Resolution Efforts’

Sri Gurumurthy brilliantly analyzes the nature of this new animal `geo-christian secularism’ which was
disdainfully thrust upon the non-suspecting quintessential traditional Hindu India, by a western
educated elite post-1947. He discusses this nature of `socialist, secular’ India, in the background of
momentous events before 1947 which paved way for the dominance of ‘geo-christian secular’
ideologies on India.