Bengal Bleeding


Edited by: Dr Rahul Shastri;  Includes excerpts from chapters from Sri Tathagata Roy’s book.

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About the book:  Often issues of national importance are brushed under the carpet, with murmurs of “political rivalry”, “this is just politics!”. This attitude prevents the nation from developing a comprehensive intellectual outlook that can help in solving its problems.  The turmoil in Bengal falls in this category.    



This book is an attempt to provide an overview of the aggression on Hindus in Bengal for the last eight decades. Amply referenced, it also throws light on political positioning and intellectual shenanigans that have facilitated the aggression. Recent events in Bengal, reports of post-poll violence, arson and loot, with thousands fleeing their homes to the security of neighbouring states, have disturbed many. Bengal is bleeding. But Bengal has been bleeding for eight decades. The jehad that was declared in the streets of Calcutta in 1946  was never really called off. There were short phases of less-conspicuous persecution, purification, consolidation and preparation that made way for the next explosion.

Publisher: Samvit Prakashan;

Pages: 144; Softcover


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