Book review- City of Victory -The Rise and Fall of Vijayanagara

Written in a sweeping style, befitting the epic saga, it is also an easy read.Many of us Telugus know of Srikrishna Devaraya, the most famous emperor of the kingdom, his exploits in the battlefield as well as in the arena of literature and arts because of the glorious epoch of Bhuvana Vijayam, the literary court of Ashta diggajas, the 8 great poets, especially Tenali Ramakrishna. There’s an entire chapter that deals with the Bhuvana Vijayam including Srikrishna Devaraya as the poet-king. The book covers the Sangama, Saluva and Tuluva dynasties also.

Book Review- Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad

This book captures the Reader’s mind and makes them a part of the incident.Written in the most eloquent and lucid manner this book tries to capture the exact feelings and aura of the Hyderabad Liberation struggle. Very few books have been written on this particular subject and this book definitely is one of the must-read books. Also, this book mentions many Revolutionary heroes who gave up their life just for the freedom of you and me.