Interrogating Macaulay’s Children

Authors: Satyadeva Prasad 

MRP: Rs. 80/-

The book is an illustrative work, quoting extensively from very credible commentators, mostly
foreign, from the very ancient to the most recent times. These quotes refute, point by point, the
charges leveled by Macaulay against Hindu knowledge system and Sanskrit language in his famous
“Minute on Education”.  
Macaulay asserts that the native educational system of Hindustan lacks both in content and utility.
Macaulay was categorical that the indigenous education system of India must disappear, and an
English curriculum must replace it.
This book illustrates, that from very ancient times the Hindu system of education formed the basis of
excellence of the Hindus in science, technology, trade, commerce, social harmony and national
cohesion. This compilation illustrates that the colonial era purpose and imagination still dominates
the educational policy in post independence India. The current education system is not in
consonance with the natural genius of the nation but is in fact actively hostile to it. 
Much of the internal conflict in Indian society maybe directly traced to the system of education
imposed upon India from the days of Macaulay and even today serves the same colonial purposes
that motivated the East India Company. It deliberately cultivates contempt for the legacies of India
and admiration for all things English.  
There is a rapidly growing awareness about the immense negative impact of the Macaulay system of
education in India. This compilation supplies concise and substantive material about the auspicious
history of India’s education before the Macaulay policy and its deliberate and comprehensive
destruction by the Macaulay policy.

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